AP course offerings and examinations challenge students

By Khalid Nelms, Staff Writer

At the Verb, certain students go above and beyond to achieve academic excellence, and part of that striving toward excellence means enrolling in Advanced Placement (AP) classes.  As it is almost the end of the school year, AP Exams are coming up, in fact they are scheduled in the week of May 6-10; Monday, May 6, is AP Government, Tuesday, May 7, is AP Spanish Language, Wednesday, May 8, is AP English Literature, and Friday, May 10, is AP US History.  Additional examinations for AP Calculus are scheduled for Tuesday, May 14, and AP English Language and Composition on Wednesday, May 15.

Some notable seniors are enrolled in AP classes, so they have the pressure of finishing AP classes and graduating to finish off the school year. The AP classes for seniors include Calculus, Government, and English Literature.   The classes are taught by Dan and Sue White, Maria McDonald and Ken Favell respectively.  Junior AP classes include English Language and Composition, Spanish Language, and US History.  These classes are taught by John Stradley, Eduardo Magana, and McDonald respectively.

Senior Anthony Ramos takes AP classes and will be taking exams this week. He said, “I lacked the vice of nervousness due to my academic ego. Even though people didn’t expect me to earn a top score like 5, I held the highest grade throughout both semesters in which I easily got a score of 4 by not finishing the multiple choice and rushing my essays. You need confidence going into the test, and there’s no true reason to feel nervous. No one is relying on you, it’s anxiety that people feel that they can’t meet their standards.”

“Looking to the exams, I don’t expect them to help [my college prospects] at all,” said Ramos.  “Unless it’s for your major, an AP Class is used to boost your GPA. An AP course is great to show colleges, but they’re not that necessary.”

Brian Diaz, a notable junior and future leader for Verb,  has three AP classes  that include AP US History, AP English Language and Composition, and AP Spanish – all of the AP classes that are available for the juniors.

“I [was] nervous,” said Diaz, after completing exams early in the week.  “I didn’t know what to expect. We went over content of these exams, but not really practice questions.”

Diaz has many other campus involvements (he is a member of the JEDIS and a student ambassador), but he is not shaken.

“I liked taking the AP Exams, but they were extremely difficult and challenging,” said Diaz.

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