Annual Faculty/Staff Appreciation Week set for May 6-10

By Nicolas Cortez, Staff Writer

The annual Verbum Dei High School Faculty/Staff Appreciation Week will take place on May 6-10, 2019.  Also known as Teacher Appreciation Week, the series of events provides social activities and offers students a means of expressing their feelings of gratitude to their teachers and staff members.

The VDHS Administrative Team and office staff organize a number of activities for the week; however, the theme and events are generally a closely guarded secret until the start of the week.  Traditionally, the events allow for social interaction between the faculty and staff in casual atmospheres.

“I always participate in teacher appreciation week and encourage others to do the same because our teachers deserve it,” said senior Brandon Bello.

During Faculty/Staff Appreciation Week, students can write teachers messages on cards, send an emails of gratitude, and other things of that nature to recognize their teachers.

“I participate in teacher appreciation week because I know that without my teachers I would not be where I am today because knowledge is power,” said senior Isaac Munoz.

“I participate in teacher appreciation week because teachers work hard all throughout the year in order to help us students succeed,” said senior Joshua Aguilar.  “[Offering them a] thank you for once is the least I can do.”

Coveted free dress is afforded the faculty and staff throughout the week.  The school also plans to recognize the teachers by providing them with gift baskets assembled from parent donations‍.

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