CWSP jobsites offer summer work to some VDHS students

By Gerardo Leon, Staff Writer

As the school year comes to an end, some Verbum Dei High School students will have the option to work at their jobsites and earn for themselves over the summer break. However not all jobsites offer this opportunity.

There are two ways a student can have the option of working over the break.

“Any student who is interested in working over the summer can tell his supervisor that the they are prepping their summer plans and they want to know whether or not there is an opportunity for them to work in the summer to earn money,”  said Cristina Cuellar, Vice President of Programming, Corporate Work Study Program.

“Sometimes the supervisors will let them, but they think that it is volunteer work or additional make up days,” said Cuellar.  “[Our] students expect to get paid and then there [can be] a misunderstanding.”

“The second way is when the supervisor will say I would love for the student to work this summer and we should create a schedule,” said Cuellar.

Although this is a wonderful opportunity, every student does not get the chance to work over the break.

“If a student has to make up classes, he may not be able to work; if the student is not returning to the company next year or if the company does not want the student to return he can’t work; if a student is not returning to Verbum Dei, he can’t work, and seniors can work if they are on the company’s payroll, not Verbum Dei’s payroll,” said Cuellar.

The students that have to make up classes still have the option to go because they do not have to work an eight-hour shift; they can work for half a day.

The students that do decide to work will get paid $14.25 an hour. However, there are often times where students can get confused on how much they get paid.

“Students will see the addendum that the supervisors complete and the students will ask, ‘How come on the addendum it says that I am making $15.50, and I only get $13?’ ” said Cuellar.  “This is because part of that money is used to pay for taxes and pay for payroll and administrative fees the finance office have.”

To avoid this confusion, Cuellar recommends that students and parents carefully read the contract they receive that details how much the student will be earning.

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