Concordia University and CSULB host VDHS sophomore class

By Randdy De Paz, Staff Writer

The Verbum Dei High School sophomore class visited Concordia University in Irvine and California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) on Friday, March 29, 2019. The visits took the entirety of a school day, from 7:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.   Students first visited Concordia University and finished their day a the California State University’s Long Beach campus.

During the Concordia visit, the students enjoyed a presentation by professor Dr. John Kenny. Then, the presentation was followed by a student panel where sophomores had an opportunity to ask questions of students who are attending Concordia University.

By 12:30 P.M., the students were heading for their CSULB tour that began at 1:15. The CSULB tour ended at around 2:30 P.M., and the students returned to VDHS from their college visit adventures.

“The schedule for the college visit was precise and on time,” said sophomore Luis De Paz. “There were no complications during the trip, and everything was seamless.”

These two college visits were juxtoposed to show the major differences between a small private college and a large public university.  Many of the Sophomores on the trip enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the CSULB atmosphere.

“I enjoyed visiting both campuses,” said sophomore Jonathan Soto. “Both universities had great student diversity, programs, and services.”

“I personally thought that the trip was very successful because the sophomores got exposed to both a small and large college, and it helps keep college in mind for them to start preparing,” said Shannon Slade, college counselor.

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