Jesuit sponsorship process concludes with team’s visit, 3/24-27

By Joshua Papaqui, Staff Writer

As Verbum Dei is a Jesuit school, the institution is reviewed by its Jesuit sponsor every five years.  A visiting team representing Jesuits West, the Provence that co-sponsors Verbum Dei with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, has been reviewing Verbum Dei since March 24 and its work will continue through March 27.

The purpose of the sponsorship review is to certify Verbum Dei as a Jesuit high school. Therefore, this process is controlled by the Jesuit Provence Office. The school first has to write a report on five specific domains: religious formation, student activities, academics, administration, and student life.  That report is sent to the Provence, and it is provided to the visiting team who will visit the campus for three days to verify the accuracy of the report the school has prepared.

In verifying the accuracy of the school-produced report, visiting team members meet with faculty, staff, parents, board members, and students. At the conclusion of their visit, the visiting team provides Verbum Dei with verbal analysis of its findings.  Within a month  a written report that states the institution’s status as a Jesuit High School is certified and renewed for another five years. This has nothing to do with how much money the school will receive; this is only to certify that Jesuits can work at the school under review.

“If we do not get verified as a Jesuit High School, no Jesuits will be eligible to work here,” said Father Stephen A. Privett, SJ, President of Verbum Dei High School.  “Neither I, nor Father George, nor brother Federico would be here.”

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