LSU to host Cesar Chavez Day film and remembrance/reflection

Senior Miguel Mendoza created this original artwork to honor Cesar Chavez; the work was on display for the remembrance and reflection in the Multi-purpose Room.  Image by Lizette Bernal



By Nicolas Cortez, Staff Writer

Latino Student Union (LSU) will be celebrating Cesar Chavez Day on Friday, March 29 at Verbum Dei High School. During Friday’s co-curricular LSU will host an activity that revolves around the slogan, “Si, se puede.”

“That seems exciting, I never thought about what “Si, se puede” means besides the obvious English translation of “Yes, you can,” said senior Brandon Bello.

Participating students will be put into small groups and tell each other what the slogan means to them. Then they will write their responses and be added to a mural created by Verb students.

“As a member of LSU, I understand the importance of the “Si, se puede” slogan and want to help others to understand as well,” said senior Jaime Flores.

Students will learn about the life of Cesar Chavez and his beliefs through the biographical film, Cesar Chavez. LSU will be showing the film throughout the the last week of March.

“I have seen the movie, and I think that it is a great representation of what Cesar Chavez fought for,” said senior Ivan Avila.

“I have always wanted to watch the film, and I hope it lives up to my expectations of showing the life of Cesar Chavez in an interesting way; I also want to utilize what I learned in film class to understand why the director did what he did,” said senior Joshua Aguilar.

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