NCAA basketball tourney bracket to build enthusiasm at Verb

By Khalid Nelms, Staff Writer

A bracket competition is being held for those who love college basketball or those who even enjoy the thrill of a slam-dunk, alley-oop, or plethora of three-pointers. The March Madness Bracket will be held as soon as the college basketball tournament starts and participation is open to the student body, faculty, and staff.

The bracket competition will be updated at Verbum Dei as the tournament progresses. This year’s tournament will be from March 19 to April 6 or 8, according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

For those who are not college basketball fanatics, March Madness is a tournament held for all college basketball teams that compete to further themselves in the tournament.  The popular tournament proceeds from the first round to the second round, then from Sweet 16 to Elite 8, then to Final Four.  Ultimately in the final, two teams compete for the title.

The tournament runs over 19 days and begins with Selection Sunday when the NCAA committee announces all 68 of the tournament teams. Selection Sunday is March 17, two days prior to the tournament start.

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