AP Spanish and Calculus Saturday sessions prepare students

By Randdy De Paz and Uriel Molina, Staff Writers

Many students at Verbum Dei High School take the challenge of Advanced Placement classes. Besides the college-level coursework, many also make the sacrifice of going to AP Saturday sessions to receive additional class time.

The Saturday sessions, as of now, occur from 9:00 to 11:00 A.M.

The AP Saturday session is meant for students enrolled in AP classes to receive more time in a specific AP class to prepare for the AP exams in May. The Saturday session makes up for all the class time missed because of Corporate Work-Study program workday schedules.

Currently, AP Spanish taught by Eduardo Magana and AP Calculus taught by Claude Moore are the only AP courses currently offering Saturday sessions for enrolled students.

Magana and his AP Spanish Saturday session is set to start in April, allowing one month to practice before the AP Spanish test.

Claude Moore’s AP Calculus Saturday sessions have begun and will continue until the AP Calculus exam in May.  His students are putting in the extra work on Saturday mornings to achieve the highly desired AP score of 5.

Moore’s Saturday Sessions started February 16.  More than half of Moore’s students attended the Saturday session and found that it was very useful.

“When I heard that we were going to have Saturday sessions, I was a little annoyed because it would cut into my sleep,” said senior Anthony Valentin, AP Calculus student. “But, after showing up to the first session I was surprised that I wasn’t bored.”

These AP Calculus sessions are not mandatory; however, they offer extra practice for students to be better prepared for the AP exam.

“I will be incorporating extra lessons and practice AP exams to help strengthen the mental endurance of the students,” said Moore.

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