Easter egg hunt inspires creative hiding places and mirth

By George Rosales, Staff Writer

An Easter egg hunt tradition began in the spring of 2016 with the planning of staff in the Administration Office.  The inaugural hunt seemed to lighten the mood of the students, so it has become a fixture of Verbum Dei High School’s spring.

This year, the Easter egg hunt is to be take place on Wednesday, April 17.  The event is set to happen during lunch in order for the students to have enough time to find the eggs. The
event will extend to another day, in order to have the class that went to work participate. This year, it will be the sophomores whose workday falls on the day of the event.

The teachers are each given a few eggs to secret away in nooks and crannies of their classrooms.  Two teachers are reputed to hold the record for having the best hiding spots on campus: Timothy Moore,  Math Department Chair and Kristen Hochman, social science teacher.

“Last year, Mr. Moore had the last egg that had not been found, [and he kept it hidden] until everyone admitted to ‘failure,’ ” said senior Jamie Flores. “That is the reason that they are rare to find – they are the ones that hold money and homework passes.”

“Ms. Hochman last year had the best hiding spot where no one else could want nor had
the idea to look,” said senior Hector Garcia.  ”Throughout the day, there were still some of her eggs that were not found at all.”

Maribel Andrade, Student Resource Center Coordinator and ASB moderator,
ASB, the main office, and teachers participate by bringing goodies with which to fill
the eggs.   Whenever the plastic eggs are in short supply, the office sends out an email requesting that parents donate eggs or contents for the event.

Some of the eggs contain candy, homework passes, and money; although the gold eggs usually hold the money.  Last year, alumnus Jonathan Swift found $15 dollars hidden within three golden eggs.

“The Easter egg hunt is a fun time, where faculty and staff come together to find
creative ways for students to participate,” said Andrade.

“I think it’s a really fun experience that we have this on campus for the students,” said Michelle Cordova, Mission Advancement Assistant.  “That extra day for the class that goes to work will allow them to not miss out on the fun.”

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