Respect Week promotes tolerance and positive masculinity

By Khalid Nelms, Staff Writer

During the week of February 10-15, the entire Verbum Dei community participated in activities to foster learning about respect.  Students, faculty, and staff also watched a film titled The Mask You Live In.  All students watched the film in their respective classrooms and discussed it afterwards. The seniors watched the film in their College Access Periods and discussed the implications of the film regarding positive masculinity. They discussed about what their own understanding of masculinity was in comparison to how society views masculinity. This comparison was the basis of the discussions undertaken by the entire student body.

“The film was good, but it was a bit controversial when it came to some things,” said senior Brian Hernandez.  “I have been playing violent video games my whole life, and you don’t see me hurting people on purpose because I know what’s real and what’s not.  It is proven that video games have many benefits, if you don’t believe me then Google it.”

“I liked the film; it was pretty good. I had great respect for it”, said senior Kaleb Dean.  “A man to me is someone who is going to stand strong and handle his business – a man with Christ too,” said Dean.

The culminating activity of Respect Week included the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors participating in a Identity Walk.  The students assembled into groups and when prompted by questions, silently moved about the space to affiliate themselves with individual components of their person indicated by posters in the gym and Multipurpose Room.

Small discussion group meetings followed the Identity Walk, and heterogeneous groups shared a debrief on the activity and its implications for the Verbum Dei community.

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