Navajo (Dine) Immersion Trip fundraisers planned

By Nicolas Cortez, Staff Writer

The Navajo (Dine) Immersion Trip is an annual spring break service trip that would not be possible without the participating students raising their collective $500 contribution.  Participants also individually contribute a $50 fee. The balance of the trip’s expense is underwritten through grants provided by the Bebout Family Foundation.

“We are very grateful for [the Bebout Family Foundation] because the reality is, without them, we would not be able to do the trip,” said Karen Chambers, Director of Campus Ministry.

Between $150 and $200 dollars is raised from a faculty and staff silent auction. The remainder of the collective student contribution is raised through food sales.

“It’s nice to know that the pizza, soda, candy, and other food I buy after school helps [raise funds for] things like the Navajo Immersion Trip,” said senior Jaime Flores.

The students who have attended the Navajo Immersion Trip are thankful to those who help fund the trip. They also hope that the trip keeps getting funded so that others can learn and benefit from future Navajo Immersion Trips.

“The Navajo trip is an eye-opening experience I never thought I would have experienced in high school,” said senior Armando Zurita, who attended the trip last school year.

“I highly recommend [that] students take advantage of this trip instead of just doing nothing during spring break,” said senior Jamie Partida.

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