Science Center workers to visit Cabrillo Tide Pools, 2/18-21

By Gerardo Leon, Staff Writer

The student workers at the California Science Center are now preparing to go on their annual field trips.  This year, they will be going to the Cabrillo Tide Pools during the week of February 18-21.

This is quite a different trip in comparison with the field trips the veteran senior students have taken for the past four years. The seniors went bird watching their freshman year, to the Griffith Observatory their sophomore year, and hiking in their junior year. There is no cost for the students to attend these field trips.

During these field days, the students will be accompanied by their supervisors of the day.  The purpose of these field trips is for the students to learn more about the rocky shores of the California coast. Such a field trip can provide student workers with more knowledge about the coast that they can use at the Rocky Shores exhibit and the popular Touch Tank at the Science Center.

“I am a little disappointed that I won’t be able to experience this trip with my Verbum Dei brothers,” said former VDHS senior DeAngelo Williams, “especially since I went to the past three.”

This is the first field trip that the freshmen workers get to experience while working for the Science Center.

“I am a little nervous about going to the trip, but I am also excited that I get to experience this during a work day” said freshman Jamie Lopez.

The students will leave the Science Center at around 1:30 P.M. on their workdays; there will be four field trips corresponding with the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior workdays.  Following the field trip, student workers will be transported directly by Science Center personnel to Verbum Dei around 5:00 P.M.

“Since I have never been to the Cabrillo Tide Pools, I am excited that I will get to experience this with friends and supervisors, who can make the experience fun,” said freshman Dillen Render.

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