Verb’s drumline to be rebooted after a three-year hiatus

By Brian Hernandez and Uriel Molina, Staff Writers

Interested in rhythm – in snares, toms, cymbals, and bass drums?  Verbum Dei High School is rebooting the Drumline program for the first time since 2015.  The program is set to resume this year and to grow and to prosper within the next school year.

“Anyone is welcome to join, we are still accepting members,” said Dr. Brandi Odom, Chief Academic Officer.  “On the days we used to have drumline – especially for games – it created that noise which hyped up the crowd, so I’m hoping that we are diligent with it until next year.”

Practices are on Saturday mornings from 8 to 10 A.M. on the VDHS campus.

With practice, said Odom, they will be ready to actually perform at different athletic events and possibly at parades.

The history of the Verbum Dei Drumline goes back well before 2015, when the program was last active.

“The students asked for drumline to come back,” said Odom.  “When I made the call to allow it, about eight students showed up.”

We used to have a drumline when Luis Velasco [Class of 2016] was here, but it fizzled because the person who was teaching it got another job,” said Odom.  “We never found another instructor, but I found out that a friend’s husband does [lead a] drumline.”

Derrick Conyors, a Los Angeles Unified School District teacher,  said he would do it for the boys, said Odom.  “My dad said he would pay for the cost, so there will be no cost to the school.”

Some of the students of Verbum Dei believe that the drumline is going to be a positive addition to the Verbum Dei community.

“Drumline is necessary to provide emotional support as well as mental support for the athletes,” said senior Shawn Loera.  “It is a way to get the energy pumped before and during games.”

“Personally, I’m really excited to see the drumline come out to our games, and I really hope they also come out to my baseball games,” said senior Hector Garcia, a player on Verb’s baseball team.

“Drumline should come back because it’ll pump up the students by showing support as the athletes come on to the field, and we will all be cheering for them as they get ready for a game,” said senior Joshua Aguilar.  “Perhaps we’ll even win the games because the athletes will know that the school is cheering and supporting them.”

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