“Present Dei Puzzler” returns with two to confound

February’s Present Dei Puzzlers:

Problem 1:








Problem 2:

What number am I?

What is the smallest whole number that:

when divided by 2, leaves a remainder of 1;

when divided by 3, leaves a remainder of 2;

when divided by 4, leaves a remainder of 3;

when divided by 5, leaves a remainder of 4;

when divided by 6, leaves a remainder of 5;

when divided by 7, leaves a remainder of 6;

when divided by 8, leaves a remainder of 7;

when divided by 9, leaves a remainder of 8;

and when divided by 10, leaves a remainder of 9.

Legal details:  Participation is open to all students, faculty, and staff.  First winning answer for each question wins $5.  You only need to answer one problem to win. The first student to submit the correct answer(s) to either John Stradley, moderator of The Present Dei Online News Source, or to Dan or Sue White, Math Department, on or before February 7, 2019, will win $5.  Email submissions are acceptable, and hand-delivered submissions will be time-stamped.  In the event that no student submits the correct answer, the prize will be awarded to the first faculty or staff member who submitted the correct answer.  If no correct answer is submitted by the closing date, the cash prize is forfeit.  The Present Dei staff members are eligible to participate, as the monthly answer is not provided to the staff until the correct answer has been submitted.  Collaboration is acceptable; however, multiple prizes will not be awarded.  Winner will be announced and cash prize will be awarded upon the posting of the next Present Dei Puzzler.

The Present Dei Online News Source extends its congratulations to junior Abraham Garcia, sophomore Yahir Garcia, and theology teacher Sam McGrath who won the January Present Dei Puzzler.

The Present Dei Online News Source moderator, editors, and staff offer their appreciation to Dan and Sue White, Present Dei Puzzlemasters and longtime supporters of the publication.

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