Letter to the Editor – Appetites, costs, and rising wages

Dear Editor,

I read with much delight the opinion piece on whether the food service price increase is warranted [OPINION: Is food service price increase warranted?, December 11, 2018].  Unfortunately, the students are experiencing first-hand the consumer impact of higher wages.

In June 2016 when Junior [McFarland] managed the lunch service, the Los Angeles minimum wage was $9 an hour.  Today, the minimum wage is $13.25 an hour and will increase to $15 an hour by July 1, 2020.  During this time, I have been a casual observer of price increases at my favorite restaurants and stores and lower staffing levels at my favorite retailers.  Like the writer, in certain cases, I’ve questioned these changes.

I applaud the writer for challenging the status quo and offering real solutions that involve an open dialogue with the service provider while recognizing the need for earning a fair profit.  These types of business decisions can be challenging to solve, but I am hopeful that everyone will be able to work together to ensure cost recovery, a reasonable profit for the service provider, and good quality, convenient, and reasonably-priced food for the students and employees of Verbum Dei.

Angelle Roussel, Vice President Finance and Human Resources, Verbum Dei High School


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