Senior jacket tradition continues with impressive style and flair

By Nathaniel Zelada, Photo Editor

The senior classes of many schools have a tradition of ordering jackets, and Verbum Dei is no exception, as this tradition has been around for years now.   The senior class chooses a unique jacket design each year.  Jacket vendors provide the students myriad options, and the students mix design elements and style the outerwear to their own personal taste.

At Verb, when the time comes to decide on designs and colors, the seniors bring their preferences to Mishanda Finn, coordinator for the senior jackets here at Verbum Dei.

“The senior jackets are a must have for us,” said senior Anthony Valentin.  “It’s a tradition that we have to have as it separates us from the other classes.”

Throughout the years the tradition has remained, but the jacket designs have changed completely. The styles of jackets and materials have evolved over time.  At one point the senior “jackets” were sweaters.  The current favorite styles are designed as cloth varsity jackets of higher quality.

“I was debating on whether to get a senior jacket at first, but now seeing what it means to be a senior and have that privilege, it is a must have,” said senior Ivan Avila.  “It makes us different from the other classes and really adds some separation between us and the underclassmen.”

There are some faculty and staff who consistently buy senior jackets.  English teacher John Stradley has been a consistent supporter of the senior jackets and has bought one for each of the last six years.

“I appreciate that the faculty and staff are encouraged to order senior jackets,” said Stradley.  “The designs have come a long way from the appearance of the ‘private school eighth grade’ apparel that I used to see when I taught middle school.”

“Those designs, and many of the earlier Verb incarnations were not really special, but the current favored styles are fashionable, comfortable, and worth the price,” said Stradley.

Many seniors feel that this tradition is an important one to continue, and it is respected among the classes.  They believe the jackets are what make the senior class stand out every year.

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