Verb baseball rebuilds and finalizes roster for upcoming season

By Khalid Nelms, Staff Writer

The baseball team at Verbum Dei returned in the 2017-2018 school year after a several year hiatus; it has been in a rebuilding project since then.

Last year, the squad record of two and eight made for a rough season, but players and coaches are hoping to rebuild and do better this year. One step to accomplishing that goal is to cut players from the team if they do meet the criteria of the type of player they are expected to be. Furthermore, the cutting process allows coaches to manage a team of an acceptable size.

“The talent is there – we just need the commitment,” said senior Hector Arrieta, who plays baseball and did last year as well.  “If the team can get the commitment of every player then I believe we can win more than two games this year.  My goal is to start as catcher this season.”

Based on the practices last week, the team seems to be clicking and developing better chemistry between the new players and returning players. Baseball team practices started in November, and tryouts ended last week, so the team has already been cut into the finalized team.

“I believe that cutting players is an essential part of a baseball team,”  said senior Christian Aguilar, who played last year.  Aguilar is an advocate for the practice of cutting players to fit the roster.

“With any new growing organization – especially with incoming classes – it is bound for the coaches to cut players. I hate to be blunt about it, but it’s just the way the game goes,” stated Aguilar.

“As a whole, I believe that our goal is to solidify our [standing] in the league as a great baseball team as we once were;  everybody who is on this team has the mentality to do better and to create a foundation for other future players,” said Aguilar.

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