Additional approved clothing adds options to Verb’s dress code

By Nicolas Cortez, Staff Writer

Allowing Verb gentlemen additional variety in their student lives, Verbum Dei High School has expanded its dress code options to include an Oxford shirt, cardigan, and new polos. In order to introduce these new uniform options, the Verb community held a “Verb Fashion Show” where student models showcased the “professional” and “fashionable” new dress options.

“I like the new oxford shirt because it doesn’t require a tie and after a while wearing a tie becomes uncomfortable,” said senior Armando Zurita.

The following particulars were communicated to the students:

“The navy blue and grey “V” polos can be worn on Fridays. The Oxford shirt does not require a tie and can be worn any day of the week. The cardigan sweater serves as an official Verb sweater and can be worn on any day of the week (including work days). Navy blue/black slacks will continue to be the policy for pants. Black dress shoes and a black leather belt will continue to be the policy.”

Prior to the new dress options, the students were required to wear blue or black slacks, a white dress shirt, a belt, dress shoes, and a black tie. The only variety in uniforms available for the students were the different color sweaters and vests.

“It’s good to know that things can be changed within a school when the students speak up,” said senior Joshua Aguilar.

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