Saint Mary’s Academy to celebrate All Saints Day liturgy at Verb

By George Rosales, Staff Writer

All Saints Day, November 1st, is annually recognized as a Holy Day of Obligation within the Catholic Church, and, this year, as on other occasions, students from Inglewood’s Saint Mary’s Academy will attend the liturgical celebration as guests of Verbum Dei High School.  Saint Mary’s Academy is VDHS’s sister school, located approximately 30 minutes from the Watts campus.

The adult Campus Ministry team and the JEDIS (Jesuit-Educated Disciples in Service) will assist in the planning of the liturgy.  As Fr. George Teodoro will preside over the mass and not play with the praise band, the faculty/staff/student group will feature Emilio Tello, a special guest guitarist and vocalist.

The idea of the shared liturgy started when Dr. Brandi Odom and Mary Rose Batungbacal, respective principals of VDHS and SMA, discussed the upcoming Holy Day of Obligation.  November 1, schedule-wise, was an opportune day for both schools. From that conversation, planning for the liturgy and subsequent activities began under the supervision of Karen Chambers, Director of Campus Ministry.

The reason that the event is to be held is because it is the Holy Day of obligation, and with it also being an important day for the Jesuit Schools, it was a wonderful day to have two schools celebrate as one.

The event will be held in the VDHS gym.  The senior students will be at their Corporate Work Study Program job sites, so there will be adequate space to seat SMA’s four grade levels along with the remaining three on-campus grade levels from Verbum Dei High School.

Following the mass, a social hour is to be held to provide Verbum Dei and Saint Mary’s students the opportunity to converse, to create friendship, and to strengthen the bonds between the two schools.

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