Verbum Dei Service Fair brings diverse agencies to campus

By Gerardo Leon and Joshua Papaqui, Staff Writers

On October 18, 2018, a plethora of students walked around the perimeter of the gym and sought information from seven different community service agencies during the third annual Verbum Dei Service Fair.  A special schedule allowed all on-campus students to attend.

Eight different agencies were set to participate in the event including the Los Angeles County Library, the Catholic Worker, Alzheimer’s Association, From Lot to Spot, Urban Compass, LA’s Best, Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC), and Central American Resource Center (CARCEN).  CARCEN withdrew from participation prior to the event due to a scheduling conflict.

“I reached out to organizations and asked them to come, and if they said yes, they were in,” said Molly Fruland, Jesuit volunteer and coordinator of the event. Some of these agencies were more popular than others; a student favorite was The Los Angeles County Library due to all the assorted give-away items such as library cards, pens, buttons, and information sheets at their table.

“I think it is a great idea that they brought all of these agencies so that we can experience other places to do [service] hours [other] than just at Urban Compass,” said sophomore Juan Nunez.  “I think these agencies are better for the freshman since they are new to doing service hours,” said sophomore Daniel Meza.  “It can benefit them more so that they can get their hours done.”

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