Service hour deadlines near as first semester progresses

By Nicolas Cortez, Staff Writer

All 15 service hours are due for Verbum Dei seniors on Friday, December 7, 2018, through the Mobile Serve app.  Juniors have deadlines November 5 and December 3.

Mandatory service hours are meant to change students’ mindsets and attitudes; service hours are meant to transform students to be “men with and for others and grow in compassion,” said Karen Chambers, Director of Campus Ministry.  Without mandatory service hour requirements, students may not put themselves in service situations, said Chambers.  Requirements mandate that students perform “direct service,” which involves providing face to face service to affected parties.

“Doing direct service forces a student to think about who is affected rather than not thinking about them when doing indirect service,” Chambers said.

The end goal of Christian service is epitomized by senior Randdy DePaz who has never missed a service hour deadline.

“I learn something new every time I do service hours,” DePaz insists. “Once you enjoy doing service hours, you want to do them.”  DePaz performs his service hours “to meet new people and to spread love.”

Not all students recognize the growth opportunity that service hour requirements provide.  “Doing service hours is like doing chores,”  senior Joshua Aguilar said.  Aguilar says he does his service hours “because he has to and [for] no other reason.”

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