Annual CWSP Appreciation Breakfast set for November 6

By Oscar Herrera, Opinion/Column Editor

On Tuesday November 6th, the Corporate Work Study Program will  host its annual CWSP appreciation breakfast inside the Eagle’s Nest, the Verbum Dei gym, from 8:30 to 9:45 A.M.  The event is organized and presented as a thank you to the corporate partners for their commitment to the mentoring of the students of Verbum Dei.  In addition to the corporate partners, student workers of all grade levels are also invited to attend if their supervisor(s) attend the breakfast.

The event will be officiated by emcees Taliek Hill and Christian Aguilar, both VDHS seniors. The CWSP staff, Jeff Bonino-Britsch, and parent volunteers will help set up the event, but  Bonino-Britsch will lead the event preparation. The parent volunteers, assisted by CWSP staff, will coordinate food and drink donations, serve food, and assist with clean up.

At the end of the event there will be a raffle for gift baskets “which will, hopefully, be donated by the board members, for the partners,” says Christina Cuellar, Vice President of Programming for CWSP.  Fr. Steve Privett, SJ, Verbum Dei High School President, will conclude the appreciation breakfast by offering his gratitude on behalf of the Verbum Dei community.

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