“Halloween Bash” to feature a variety of celebratory options

By Christopher Poz, Profiles/Features Editor

On Wednesday October 31, ASB will host a “Halloween Bash” that consists of a movie screening  in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR), games that will be set up in the 100 and 400 Corridors, and a costume contest that will be held in Senior Square. All events will be open to all students and will take place during lunch.

Administration reminds students that October 31 is not a free-dress day; consequently, students may not wear “regular clothes” as a costume.  Costumes must be in good taste and no objectionable type of attire may be worn under any circumstances.

Per VDHS administration, certain prohibitions are to be observed: No costume may include weapons, depict violence, alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substance use, feature obscenity, exploitative or suggestive lettering, pictures or any material that would be in conflict with the Christian values of Verbum Dei High School. Costumes will be judged to determine the best in various categories.  $10 gift cards will be awarded to the winners.

“We made sure to keep everything organized and available to all students,” said Maribel Andrade, ASB Moderator. The Halloween Bash is set to have all students enjoy and celebrate the holiday. ASB worked to make the event fun for all students, which is why the various options for activities are available.

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