Chapter 6- Power

According to Douglass and Mr. Auld, keeping slaves illiterate allowed the slave holders to keep them enslaved. Frederick Douglass once said, “There can be no freedom without education.” How would your life be different if you did not have education?

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  1. Shawn Miller says:

    I am the daughter of a father who was a master plumber but worked a job and a mother who was a seamstress, a hotel house keeper and a cook in a flight kitchen. My parent had high school education and then trade schools and did so in a developing country where life was hard but good. I have several degree’s including a J.D. and a M.Ed. all thanks to my mother’s view that education was not only the way out of poverty but it was the door to “broadening the mind”, as she liked to refer to enlightenment. Without an education my world view would be different, my access would be different and I dare say my income potential would be different.

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