Family History

Chapter 1- How important is family history in shaping a person’s identity? How does your family history effect your identity.

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  1. Shawn Miller says:

    Family shapes who were are and it’s a fundamental component of the lenses through which we see the world. I lost my mother last year, she was 84. Fredrick lost his when he was 7. The impact is devastating in both instance but more so for a child as our mothers are our 1st line of defense.
    I come from a lineage of loving, hard working, loyal women. My Mom’s referred to herself as a“dignified poor woman. I remember a grandmother who raised 4 children on her own. A father who went to work everyday. Uncles, aunts etc who loves family. I tell my children their history and remind them of the shoulders they stand on. I remind them that they intelligent, strong, beautiful people who are blessed & need to give back as well as to fight for what’s right & just.

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