Present Dei Puzzler returns for a third year to challenge and to confound students and staff

Problem 1:  House Call

A hardware store has a puzzling way of charging for individual letters to spell out house number signs.  Mr. Stradley is waiting in line but there are three guys ahead of him.

  • The first customer buys the number ONE (O, N, E).  He pays two bucks
  • The next guy buys the number TWO and pays three bucks
  • The third guy buys the number ELEVEN, and he pays five bucks 

Mr. Stradley wants to buy TWELVE.  How much should he expect to pay based on the store’s pricing policy?

Problem 2:  What time is it anyway?

My watch loses 12 minutes every hour.  I set my watch this morning at 9:00 a.m. using an accurate clock.  The time on my watch now reads 2:00 p.m. What is the correct time?

Problem 3:  Cost Cutting

The letters C-O-S-T have been cut from the words below, with any resulting spaces closed up.  The letters C-O-S-T always appear in left-to-right order, although not necessarily consecutively.  What are these words?

Example:  ARTONI becomes CARTOONIST





5.  AUIC




Open to all Verbum Dei students, faculty and staff.  Deadline for submission of answers is Wednesday, November 26, 2014.  Turn in answers to Mr. Stradley, Mr. White, or Mrs. White.


Prizes to be paid by Mr. and Mrs. White.  $5 to the student who turns in the correct answer to any question first; $1 to any student who turns in a correct answer but is not the first to do so.  There are three questions, so it is possible to earn $15.  Any money not won by students will pass to faculty and staff members who submit correct answers.