Verb STEM students represented at Herndon Science Competition at Aerospace Corporation

Verbum Dei students (from left to right)  Miguel Gil, Daniel Felix, and Kadett Jnocharles present their work to a panel of judges at the Herndon Science Competition, Thursday, May 22   Image by Suaronne Angeletti

By Suaronne Angeletti and Lorenza Della Donna, Contributing Writers

Four Verbum Dei students participated in the Herndon Science Competition sponsored by Aerospace Corporation. Students participated either by writing a scientific essay (research paper or written result of their own scientific experiment) or by presenting a project that exemplified the use of technology in the scientific field. A few select students expressed their desire to participate.

Ms. Angeletti worked with Miguel Gil, Daniel Felix, and Kadett Jnocharles, junior students from the robotics team, to research and to build a simple model aimed at explaining and demonstrating students’ understanding of the different components of Underwater Remotely Controlled Vehicles (ROVs). They presented to two groups of judging panels at the competition and successfully answered in-depth questions about their project and how it related to today’s world. The poster used to present their research will be displayed near Verb’s Multi-Purpose Room.

Sophomore Kobi Kelley, under the direction of Dr. Della Donna, participated by submitting a scientific essay entitled “Powerful Stem Cells,” which describes such cells and details their uses in the medical field. Kelley won 1st place in the high school division; the prize included a generous cash scholarship.

Ms. Angeletti and Ms. Della Donna are very proud of all the hard work these students have done and of their accomplishments.