Present Dei Puzzler offers a Lenten challenge

Current Verbum Dei gentleman and staff are encouraged to demonstrate their logical prowess in this latest contest.  “These are problems anyone can solve,” say the Whites.  “They do not require any particular level of mathematics or other knowledge.”

Rules:  Answers must be submitted to Mr. White, Mrs. White or Mr. Stradley by the end of the school day, April 11, 2014.

Prizes:  There will be a $5 award per problem to the first student with the correct answer.  Additionally, there will be a $1 award given per problem to a student whose name is drawn from the pool of correct answers.

Note to faculty and staff:  Feel free to enter to win bragging rights.  If no correct student answer is submitted, you will become eligible for the cash prize.

Problem 1:  What number am I?

What is the smallest whole number that:

when divided by 2, leaves a remainder of 1;

when divided by 3, leaves a remainder of 2;

when divided by 4, leaves a remainder of 3;

when divided by 5, leaves a remainder of 4;

when divided by 6, leaves a remainder of 5;

when divided by 7, leaves a remainder of 6;

when divided by 8, leaves a remainder of 7;

when divided by 9, leaves a remainder of 8;

and when divided by 10, leaves a remainder of 9.

Problem 2:  In honor of Lent

Each one-word answer to the eight clues listed ends in “lent.”  Each of the answer words begins with a different letter of the alphabet.

1.  Natural ability

2.  Kindly and charitable

3.  Excessively fat

4.  Cactus, for one

5.  Audaciously rude

6.  Lavish

7.  Highly infectious

8.  Well done!

Problem 3:  Magic Square

In this magic square, every row, every column, and both main diagonals add up to the same value, which you must determine.  There is only one way to complete the square.

December Winners

Student winners:

Brandon Williams/Nathan Mendoza (team):  split $5 for problem 1 and $1 for problem 2

Jon Parra:  $1 for problem 1

Faculty/staff winners:

Dr. O’Connell: problems 1 and 2

Fr. Michael Mandela: problems 1 and 2

Mr. Galloway: problems 1, 2 and 3

Ms. Cuellar-Villanueva: problems 1 and 2

Mr. Viens: problems 1, 2 and 3

Ms. Jimenez:  problem 1