Present Dei Puzzler warms minds in chilly air

Current Verbum Dei gentleman and staff are encouraged to demonstrate their logical prowess in this latest contest.  “These are problems anyone can solve,” say the Whites.  “They do not require any particular level of mathematics or other knowledge.”

Rules:  Answers must be submitted to Mr. White, Mrs. White or Mr. Stradley by Friday, December 19.

Prizes:  There will be a $5 award per problem to the first student with the correct answer.  Additionally, there will be a $1 award given per problem to a student whose name is drawn from the pool of correct answers.

Note to faculty and staff:  Feel free to enter to win bragging rights.  If no correct student answer is submitted, you will become eligible for the cash prize.

Problem 1:

The digits 1, 2, 3, and 4 can be arranged to form
many different four-digit numbers.  If these numbers are listed from least
to greatest, in what position is 3214?  (Note:  the least value is in
the first position; the next least is in the second position, etc.)

Problem 2:

Dr. O’Connell rolls a pair of dice and remembers the number. Then he
performs the following sequence of operations on that number, in this order:

Add 3.

Square the result.

Subtract 12.

Divide by 4.

Add 4.

Dr. O’Connell ends up with the number 50. What number did he roll on the dice?

Problem 3:


Fill in the blank in each row with a word to form a common
phrase, name, or compound word with the word preceding and following it. For
example, given DANCE _____ WAX, the missing word is FLOOR, forming DANCE FLOOR
and FLOOR WAX. Moreover, the five missing words when considered together lead
to something famous. What are the words and what do they clue?

1. FIRE __________ WRESTLE

2. TRIPLE __________ PRINCE

3. BLOW __________ SONG

4. CLEANING __________ GAGA

5. PEARL __________ MASTER

November winners:

Congratulations students!  Student entries won all of the available money leaving the faculty and staff with only bragging rights.  “Keep up the good work!” say contest sponsors Mr. and Mrs. White.

Brian Martinez:  $5
each for problems 1 and 2

Brandon Williams/Nathan Mendoza (team), who split $5 for problem 3 and $1 for
problem 1

Miguel Gil:  $1 for
problem 1

Angel Mendoza:  $1
each for problems 1 and 2

Kevin Metelus:  $1
form problem 1

Christopher Clarkston:
$1 each for problems 1 and 2

Faculty/staff winners:

Dr. O’Connell: problems 1, 2 and 3

Fr. Michael Mandela: problem 1

Mr. Galloway: problems 1, 2 and 3