Verb gentlemen advocate in Washington, D.C.

A contingent of Verbum Dei gentlemen are in presently in Washington. D.C. for the Ignatian Solidarity Network’s Ignatian Family Teach-In, a symposium that informs participants on social justice issues facing our world and provides opportunities for student-participants to advocate for the marginalized.  VDHS seniors Brandon Williams, Brian Martinez, Humanities teacher Jesse Jovel, Carlos Castro-Penate, and Nathan Mendoza (from left to right) pose before the United States Superior Court Building during a sightseeing break from the symposium.  Image by Maria McDonald, Humanities Department Chair

Annual CWSP luncheon brings students and corporate partners together in the Eagle’s Nest

California Science Center interns Jabril Frazier, Rylon Beard, and Dion Henderson (front row, left to right) join their supervisors Katharine Mendivil and Juanita Juarez (back row, left to right) for the annual Corporate Work Study Program Appreciation Luncheon, where student-workers and corporate partners enjoyed fellowship and entertainment, Thursday, November 7. Image by Marcel Viens, Staff Photographer, The Present Dei.

The celebratory luncheon, which featured a meal catered by 40 VDHS parents and volunteers, was attended by 420 students and corporate partners from their respective worksites.  Image by Marcel Viens, Staff Photographer, The Present Dei.

Present Dei Puzzler returns with 3 conundrums

Current Verbum Dei gentleman and staff are encouraged to demonstrate their logical prowess in this latest contest.  “These are problems anyone can solve,” say the Whites.  “They do not require any particular level of mathematics or other knowledge.”

Rules:  Answers must be submitted to Mr. White, Mrs. White or Mr. Stradley by Friday, November 15.

Prizes:  There will be a $5 award per problem to the first student with the correct answer.  Additionally, there will be a $1 award given per problem to a student whose name is drawn from the pool of correct answers.

Note to faculty and staff:  Feel free to enter to win bragging rights.  If no correct student answer is submitted, you will become eligible for the cash prize.

Problem 1:

Determine the logical number missing in each sequence. When you’ve finished, convert each of the six final numbers to a letter (1 = A, 2 = B, etc.) to form a six-letter word
reading down. What is this word?

 1 1 2 3 5 8 ___
169 121 81 49 25 9 ___
0 2 8 __ 32 50
14 15 13 16 12 17 ___
44 51 17 24 8 15 ___
2 5 8 11 14 17 ___

Problem 2:

How many numbers from 1 through 100 have names that contain at least one T when spelled out?

Problem 3:

There are three parts to this answer:

1.  Determine the least positive integer by which 2376 can be multiplied so that the product is a perfect square.

2.  Determine the least positive integer by which 2376 can be multiplied so that the product is a perfect cube.

3.  What is the difference of the values in parts 1 and 2?

The sole student $5 winner of the last contest was senior David Castillo, who answered one question correctly.  Staff winners included: Dr. O’Connell, Fr. Mandala, Mr. Viens, and Mr. Baez.