Drake’s third release Nothing Was the Same not a game-changer, yet has glimmers of hope


By Dylan Juarez, Staff Writer, Arts and Entertainment

“Nothing Was the Same” is Young Money’s recording artist Drake’s third studio album. Drake, one of Hip Hop’s most known new age artists has made his presence known in the past five years. His previous album “Take Care” was loved world-wide. The lead singles for this album are “Started from the Bottom,” “All Me,” Featuring 2 Chainz and Big Sean, “Hold on We’re Going Home,” and “Pound Cake.” Most artists on their third album tend to either get bigger or are forgotten. An example would be Eminem. His third album “The Eminem Show” was a success and even won him a Grammy. On the other end, Soulja Boy’s third album “The DeAndre Way” was his worst selling album, and he has not released an album since. Can Drake make magic happen again or will his career never be the same after this release?

The first song “Tuscan Leather” begins with a song being played backwards, but it is very mesmerizing. Drake is opening up to how he feels since his last album and to events that have taken place since becoming famous. “Furthest thing” is at a lower tempo then the first song, but it is very enjoyable. It changes beat, and it turns into a very soulful rhythm. He sounds happier, but more aggressive at the same time. “Started from the Bottom” is a song many people hated because Drake never had a struggle. He used to be a child star, so how did he start from the bottom? The song does not fit its placement. It possibly could have fit if it were near the end or even in the middle, but not this early in the album.

“Wu-Tang Forever” is another song for which Drake has been getting a lot of hate. The main reason being that he doesn’t really represent the Wu-Tang Clan in this song at all. The Wu-Tang Clan was an aggressive rap group, and this song is very slow. It talks about how Drake is facing difficult choices involving friends and a girl. This song was a disappointment. The fifth song “Own It” starts off with this very creepy vibe to it. It is a song that tries to have a story, but it feels forced. The chorus also sounds like it says “On It” instead of “Own It.” “Worst Behavior” makes Drake sound hungry and very egotistic. This song feels the right fit for the album as if he is saying “Hey nothing is gonna be the same because I’m Drake, and that’s the only reason you need.” This is a very different sounding Drake, but it is very enjoyable. His third verse also pays homage to Biggie’s “Mo Money Mo Problems” song.

The song “From Time,” Featuring Jhene Akio is great. Jhene Akio’s vocals are so bright and sweet. It gives this song a very sad feeling to it. Drake also takes this opportunity to revel his problems with family, especially with his uncle, dad, and mom. “Hold on We’re Going Home” fits the vibe of the song before it. After such a deep song like “From Time,” the album still needs to feel calm, and this song is so very relaxing that it can be played in the background during dinner. The ninth song “Connect” begins with the very soothing vibe of the previous two songs. It starts very slow, but builds the beat up and the whole vibe changes.

“The Language” is definitive proof that the vibe has changed, but the changed vibe is very arrogant. His flow sounds like his flow on “Versace.” It is nothing impressive just the same flow and same topics. The eleventh song is “305 to My City.” It is a garbage song; it can be skipped. “I hope you don’t fall, ‘cus you on top of the ceiling” is a line he says and just proves his writer must have wanted him to fail. “Too Much” starts off with a very smooth, but unknown, male vocal performance. This song gives the album a lot more hope that it can still be good even this late in the game. It is a hungry Drake again, but now he seems less arrogant. He to opens up more with problems of family, but it is not sad.

The thirteenth song “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2” featuring Jay Z, is very interesting because it has samples from Wu-Tang Clan. It is surprising that this song was not “Wu-Tang Forever” because this is the hungry Drake and it would fit. Jay Z’s verse is not great, but it was enjoyable. The “Paris Morton Music 2” is a small song, but is a celebration song. Drake talks about how people expect him to act at events and how to take awards without looking stupid. He also begins to brag about how fame has made him happier in life and recalls events before his fame. The fourteenth song “Come Thru” is a song about picking up a girl and telling her to come over to chill and maybe even more. Yet near the end of the song it turns into Drake talking about how he feels lonely repeating “Why has it been so long?” The Last song is “All Me,” featuring 2 Chainz and Big Sean. It is a radio song that brags about the money and women that stereo typical rappers have. It is not a great way to end an album. The ending should have been “Paris Morton Music 2.”

This album was over hyped. Drake had enjoyable songs, but he did not deliver in the end. He lacks in so many songs and even copied a flow he had on a remix for Migo’s song “Versace.”. That isn’t going to work. Close listening people will catch that. His production was better than usual. Where Drake lacked, his instrumentals picked up the slack. This album is a 4/10. His album may not be what most people expected, but hopefully Drake’s next album is better. He might not be as loved as Eminem, but he will not be forgotten as quickly like Soulja Boy.