Kanye West assembles variety of talent for a largely memorable, danceable Cruel Summer


By Dylan Juarez, Staff Writer, Arts and Entertainment

With so much radio play, Cruel Summer has a lot of singles. Expecting a lot is not wrong because the singles were great. The public got a song to get a person pumped up: with “Mercy,” to make other groups afraid to make comments about the group with the “Clique” ft. Jay-Z, “Cold” to show that Kanye is the group leader and do not try to push him, with getting one used to Pusha T’s flow on “New God Flow,” and then make the audience know what they “Don’t Like”. Those are just the singles to mesmerize one to buy the album, but now to the album exclusives.

The start of the album is with “To the World” ft R.Kelly, this song stands out to start og with it because it sets the stage for the next few songs with this slow mesmerizing beats. R. Kelly’s vocals are soothing and actually make the song listenable even after Kanye’s part. “The Morning” ft Raekown and D’Banj has a clean chorus, strong verses from the members of the group, and a lil extra. “Higher” goes back to the slow feel of the first song.

The album has a chill feel with nothing. “Sin City” was one of the weakest songs because of its flow and how it tried to come across. Reminding me of “Champion” by Kanye, “The One” has a very inspirational feel to it. The rappers on this song have a feel of telling some what the back story of their fame. “Creepers,” the song with only Kid Cudi, is just okay. The reason is that while the beat is very danceable or something someone can listen to so they can think, Cudi’s verses aren’t as strong as in other songs. The song “Bliss” would have been a great way to end the album. Yet they end with “Don’t Like.”  Back to “Bliss” –  the song was very well written and performed. It made me feel like it would be that song people choose when they want to remember old, great times. Overall, the album was great.  Two bad songs out of 12 songs – I give the album an 8 out of 10.