Alumni maintain Verb presence at St. John’s

Recent Verbum Dei alumni Joel Jimenez, Jesus Real, Matthew Usher, Victor Perez, and Dennis Cornejo assemble at St. John’s University in Minnesota (pictured left to right). These graduates of the Class of 2012, and their classmate Larry Hardnett (not pictured) follow in the footsteps of 14 other VDHS alumni attending St. John’s.  Christian Aguilar, VDHS Class of 2007, is the first Verbum Dei alumnus to have graduated from St. John’s.  He continues his association with the college through his employment in its Admissions Department.  Photograph by Gisselle Cornejo.

Present Dei Puzzler returns to challenge all

Current Verbum Dei gentleman and staff are encouraged to demonstrate their logical prowess by answering the following questions: 

Question 1:  Suppose the positive even numbers are grouped in the following way:  {2}, {4,6}, {8,10,12}, {14,16,18,20}, …

What is the sum of the numbers in the 15th group?

Question 2:  Form six 9-letter words by combining two 3-letter blocks below with the endings in the grid.  All blocks will be used.  If one does it correctly, two of the vertical columns will spell a common two-word phrase.

Entries must be submitted in writing to Mr. John Stradley, moderator of The Present Dei, or to Mr. Dan White or to Ms. Sue White, math teachers, by the close of the contest, Friday, September 21 .  Ms. White is assured that all Verb students, regardless of their level, are prepared to take on this challenge.  The first correct answer to each question is worth $2, first correct answer to both questions earns $5.  Staff members are encouraged to participate but are not eligible for cash prizes.

Present Dei online news source seeks student writers / photographers for 2012-2013 year

By John Stradley, Moderator, The Present Dei

The Present Dei, Verbum Dei High School’s online news source, is seeking student journalists, photographers, and interested parties to join the staff of this fledgling publication. Whether one’s interest lay in athletics, politics, the arts, personalities, or graphic design in the electronic age, The Present Dei is a venue to explore electronic journalism.

Student staffers will serve as editors, staff writers, copy editors, photographers, and graphic designers. Present Dei staff attend and report upon campus and off-campus events of interest to the Verbum Dei community.

Contact Mr. John Stradley, Room 103, for more information. Look for The Present Dei table on Club Day.