Present Dei Puzzler presented promptly

Current Verbum Dei gentleman and staff are encouraged to demonstrate their logical prowess by answering the following questions: 

Question 1: George and Martha alternately draw one ball at random from an urn containing four red and two green balls. They do not replace any balls that are drawn. If George draws first, what is the probability that George will draw a red ball before Martha does?

Question 2:  Four answers in this small crossword are too long for their spaces and extend past the border by one letter. The four protruding letters, taken clockwise from the top, spell a bonus word. What is this word?

 Across                                         Down

1. Tastes                                      1. Thick carpet

5. 17-syllable poem                    2. Billy Joel’s instrument

6. Vietnam’s capital                     3. Devout

7. Toe woe                                   4. ____ night (summer camp entertainment)

Entries must be submitted in writing to Mr. John Stradley, moderator of The Present Dei, or to Ms. Sue White, math teacher, by the close of the contest, Friday, May 18.  Ms. White is assured that all Verb students, regardless of their level, are prepared to take on this challenge.  The first correct answer to each question is worth $2, first correct answer to both questions earns $5.  All other correct submissions received before the close of the contest will be entered in a drawing for similar prizes.  Staff members are encouraged to participate but are not eligible for cash prizes.

Senior Jared Sanchez won the word search in the most recent puzzler; there were no consolation prizes awarded.  The correct answer for this first puzzler included the following terms: quadrilateral, square, trapezoid, cube, triangle, prism, torus, rectangle, hexagon, circle, sphere, rhombus, cone, pyramid, ellipse, and cylinder.  The remaining letters read:  “Solid with six parallelograms as its faces.”

Senior Rory Riggs won the second puzzler, while junior Omar Melendrez won the consolation prize.  The puzzler is solved using the following: Treat the digits in the top row of the first box as one number:  9    6  becomes 96.  Notice that if you divide 96 by the number in the middle of the box (4) the result is the number at the bottom of the box – 24.  Continuing this pattern means that the missing number is 7 since 12 x 7 = 84.