Invisible Children promotes awareness of injustice and the plight of Uganda’s children at the Verb

By John Stradley, The Present Dei Moderator

Invisible Children, an organization that promotes awareness of the plight of Uganda’s refugee children, appeared in the MPR at the Verb November 18 to inform students and staff and to appeal for donations to support the rebuilding of schools in war-torn areas of Northern Uganda.

The group presented the documentary film Go, which profiled the experiences of Amanda Mitchell, a high school sophomore, and other top student fund raisers who traveled to Uganda to see the nation and its people firsthand.  The students had raised substancial amounts in Invisible Children’s “Schools for Schools” program.  This program was created to support the rebuilding of school buildings that were devastated in the prolonged civil war in Uganda.  The American students interacted with their Ugandan counterparts and assisted in the reconstruction of school buildings.

“The war destroyed so many things,”  Kristie Oroma Proscoria, a Ugandan said to the audience of students and staff.  “All the schools that were the best schools in northern Uganda were destroyed because of the war.”  Proscoria’s words echoed the tragic stories of the prolonged war’s effects upon the young of that small African nation.

Invisible Children sold t-shirts, stickers, and other materials and accepted donations in the school courtyard after the presentation had concluded.  Verb In Action, the Christian service organization on campus, plans to coordinate Verb’s own “Schools for Schools” drive to raise monies for Invisible Children’s efforts.  More information about Invisible Children is available at online at