A Dream Too Big

I just completed reading a phenomenal book by alumnus and Rhode Scholar, Caylin Moore, “A Dream Too Big.” I knew a lot about Caylin, his mother, and his brother. Yet, not as much as I thought or in such detail. Typical to the area, Caylin has seen more than someone his age should see. Atypical, he never stopped dreaming…perhaps too big, many of us thought.

When I knew him as a high school student, Caylin was a bit cocky. Yet, that never bothered me too much because brothers need that intense belief in themselves, as once they leave the halls of Verbum Dei, their very presence at colleges and universities across the nation will be questioned, challenged, doubted before they even utter a word, join a study group, or turn in a paper.

What is remarkable about the book is it shows Caylin has transformed his cockiness into even more faith in himself and his god; belief in giving back to the community; and, ultimately, a firm and steady humbleness that’s difficult to articulate.

Further, Caylin devotes an entire chapter to Verbum Dei and what the school meant to his past, current, and future successes all built on a dream too big. Admittedly so, reading the book made me even more proud to spend time at this A-Dream-Too-Big institution.

So, I encourage you to go out and buy this book and learn why, through the eyes of a remarkable young man, Verbum Dei is a very special place.

Caylin on GMA: https://youtu.be/RYL4FtBzkWY

We will be having at least two book signings—stay tuned!

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