I love college. So much so that in high school I joined a college preparatory program to ensure that I would live the dream and be able to attend anyone of my top 3 choices, and I did, I got into my first choice-Go Lions! I fell in love with college early on because I was exposed to different college campuses. I knew LMU was right because of how being on campus made me feel. I was able to envision the next four years, taking advantage of clubs, study abroad, studying in the library and fulfilling my ideals of being a successful college student. Upon my bittersweet graduation I was happy to return to that college prep program as a staff member to help facilitate that process and to help each student find their fuzzy feelings and future self on a college campus of their dreams, which ultimately led me to Verb to continue my mission.

For the past two years, we have been blessed to be able to facilitate campus visits for all class levels. By the time of graduation, all Verbum Dei students will have visit 3-4 college campuses as part of the college guidance curriculum. This year Chapman University in Orange, CA hosted the freshmen class. For many of them it was their first time on a college campus and Chapman did not disappoint. Students were ushered around campus on intimate tours, received their first college lecture on admissions processes and financial aid and discussed the importance of college with their counselor in a lecture hall as well as ate lunch in the cafeteria- this always sells boys especially on college! We ended the day in a business lecture hall having conversations with student athletes, coaches and professors, all thanks to Verbum Dei alumni turned admission counselor, Christian Aguilar. Next up is the sophomore class who will visit both Concordia University Irvine, a small private Christian liberal arts college and UC Irvine, a larger public research based institution. Maybe they’ll find a perfect match to add to their top 3 list of colleges.

Our college exploration program is growing. If you are an alumni of a local college or university and know staff members in the outreach office who would be happy to host Verbum Dei students and provide some programming that helps students see what college is really about, please have them contact Antoinette Bowie-Smith, School Counselor at Our next step is to grow outward, providing college trips in Northern California and out-of-state for students. Wish us luck (and financial support) in our ventures!


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