Admissions Season, Helping All Students, Every Student, Every Year to Achieve Their High School Admissions Goals and Greater

Educational accountability, standards and assessments, interviews and measures, seeking the right answers, reviewing transcripts, current report cards and teacher recommendations all of these indicators for potential success, test scores and behavior reports, these are all of the things we use and need to keep identifying the young minds open for this educational alternative for boys of color.

As our students successfully prepare themselves for pursuit of a Private Catholic Jesuit Educational High School experience we are looking for creative ways of thinking, affording an allowance of innovative ideas to stimulate a culture of young men which includes a Corporate Work Study experience that will produce a prodigious people and an unconstrained community. In this effort we need to increase our enrollment from the inside out. We need greater educational partnerships supporting an effective recruitment for every student, every year. Within this annual exercise in consideration of extraordinary opportunity we make reservation for creativity, innovation, problem solving and the thinking skills that define, distinguish and set apart the individuals that may not in their very early grades have overcome the despair commonly associated with the lack educational resources known to exist throughout our Southern California target communities, South Central Los Angeles, Watts and Compton. And as our students matriculate, moving toward high school graduation and the College of their choice we identify pathways for them, methods of navigation to ensure success and we provide a conduit for analysis, resourceful thinking, we do not support learning by memorization or routine conditioning.

Please support us in our efforts.

For more information on how you can help please contact our Administrative Offices (323) 564-6651.

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