Mission Advancement Update

Well, we’re coming to the end of another successful school year at Verb, as this is the eleventh year in a row 100% of our graduates gaining acceptances into college; 95% accepted into four-year colleges; full employment for our students in our Corporate Work Study Program; and, a successful recruitment effort for the incoming class of 2020 with 100 new freshmen. So, thank you for all you are doing to contribute and support that success.

One area of needed growth is our Adopt-A-Student Program. The Adopt-A-Student Program is a program that connects our students with our donors who help support their education through scholarship and words of advice. We have 300 students and only 120 were “adopted.” So, if you’re interested in joining this vital group, please contact Ms. Courtney Risch at crisch@verbumdei.us or call her at 323-564-6651 ext. 5130.

In the coming year, starting July 2018, we are planning big things—we will have a new president in Fr. Stephen Privett, we have a new and exciting counseling initiative for our students, a new special event in Orange County, and a new stronger push for the Adopt-A-Student Program to make sure all of our students are “adopted.” We look forward to working with you deliver on the mission of Verb to our students.

Spring Gala Celebrating our Graduating Seniors Class of 2018

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