Go Eagles!

We, on the academic side of Verbum Dei have been full steam ahead since the beginning of spring semester!

College Guidance took the freshmen to UCLA for a college visit where they toured the campus, met two of our Verbum Dei alum who are current students there; Zachary Byrge, c/o ’15, and Christian Munoz, c/o ‘16, and listened to a panel discussion on the experiences of first generation UCLA students. The sophomore class also experienced college visits and tours of University of Concordia in Irvine, and UC Irvine. College tours during the early high school years are a good way to inspire our students to stay the course, and work hard to reach their goal of attending university after their time here at The Verb.

In addition, AP season has just ended! Our Advanced Placement course offerings have grown from 2 to 5 in the last two years. This year we had a total of 55 Verbum Dei students take AP exams in Spanish Language, English Literature, Calculus AB, US History and Government & Politics. We hope to add two additional AP courses in Spanish and English to our curriculum next year. The AP exam season culminated in an AP Luncheon held Friday, May 18th, where we celebrated our students and faculty, and recognized the hard work they put into their courses.

And now, looking forward, we have 38 current 9th – 11th grade students who will continue their learning experiences, in the spirit of the Grad at Grad principles of being Open to Growth, Committed to Doing Justice, and Intellectually Motivated, by spending part of their summer participating in summer programs at universities and institutes across the country, such as Brown University, Boston College, and the ACLU Summer Advocacy Institute to name just a few.  Students will be engaging in a variety of topics such as engineering, economics, advocacy, and mathematics. Please join me in prayer for these students, that they grow a deeper appreciation and understanding of their place and value in society, in their communities, and at Verbum Dei, through these enriching experiences.

And as always, Go Eagles!!!

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