Verbum Dei High School Admissions

The most meaningful aspect of consideration we can offer a prospective Verbum Dei High School student and his family is an opportunity of exposure to gain a quality educational experience, incorporating the Corporate Work Study Program and a successful transition from High School into a four year College or University. It is our goal to promote the awareness that inner-city students deserve exposure opportunities as much as their counterparts living in affluent communities, academically thriving in the educational experiences specifically designed with them in mind. Within our community and throughout our Nation Black and Brown Boys living in inner-city communities are expected to be abysmal failures. At a time when inner-city students now more than ever skip class and drop-out to engage themselves in the traditionally negative pastimes of drug usage, drug trade, gang banging and pre-mature sexual activity, Verbum Dei has created an alternative affording escape. The controversy over why inner-city students demonstrate such low educational enthusiasm, we believe is a direct result of their inability to educationally transcend the negative obstacles that exist within the community even after graduating High School.

By offering educational experiences and incorporating exposure opportunities for participation and observation in real life activities the greatest challenge to our enrollment then becomes ignorance, lack of understanding, accepted unawareness, disbelief that a program designed with you in mind really does exist for the underserved family. At Verbum Dei we produce a type of access to an unknown reality that there is a place, a High School focused on changing the normal expectations for inner-city boys. Seeing is believing! It is our goal to have as many people interested in ensuring that there are resources for underserved students visit our campus and learn how they may become involved in this tremendous opportunity to affect positive change! Verbum Dei is one school within a network of 32 schools across the Nation specifically designated to serve in communities traditionally known to be on the downward trend, deteriorating, due to lack of resources.

Verbum Dei High School students attend class four days a week, “skip” one day of school sometimes two and participate in a Corporate Work-Study Program working five days a month. The students gain valuable “white collar” Corporate Work-Study Experience. We want to stimulate an empathetic introduction to a group of young men rarely appreciated for their understanding of purpose, resilience, fortitude and perseverance. Verbum Dei High School is an extremely useful example, a powerful tool of evidence offering greater understanding for examining the issues as to why inner-city students and schools are experiencing difficulty.

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