Verbum Dei High School Admissions First Round Down!

We are currently at the mid-point of the Admissions Season and are yet looking for outstanding candidates!

At Verbum Dei High School our Admissions Department and the stakeholders who serve on the Admissions Committee have prudently appraised each application to identify the students and their families we believe will be an ideal fit for “The Verb”. We consider personal circumstances, academic performance and special achievements, including: the rigor of the Middle School curriculum, grades, High School Placement Test, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, leadership and interview results to make our determinations. However, we expect that all prospective students will complete the Corporate Work-study Readiness Program successfully before the fall enrollment. This year one hundred forty-nine Applications were reviewed in the first round, eighty-five Freshmen Students were Accepted, six Transfer Students Accepted, six Freshman Students “Waitlisted” Moved into the Second Round, fifty-two applications were Not Accepted.


We welcome the prospective students to identify the values they possess by expressing their interest in the area of study and the college they hope to attend as they begin to focus on the goal of transitioning from Middle School, into High School and on to a four year College. We enjoy examining the key issues of what it takes to gain Verbum Dei High School acceptance through a multifaceted perspective. Our most successful students are able to demonstrate prudent, well thought-out preparations for an intended transition into High School.  Additionally, openness to growth, new ideas and a willingness to explore subjects beyond their comfort zone is truly beneficial. Our students are typically gaining the exposure to make informed decisions about their intended pursuits for college. Ideal students are also intellectually motivated, loving, work experienced and committed to doing justice.

Personal Attributes

We are looking for prospective students and their families who possess the potential to contribute to our campus community and want to demonstrate an array of interests and passions. Individuals who are leaders and unafraid to speak up in class or take on the challenge to make a difference by leading a cause. We value the students who challenge themselves and make us think outside the box; those that like to get involved in student life and join the organizations on our campus. We value students who can and want to contribute to the campus community.

Our student’s financial needs do not affect an admission decision

The Admissions Deadline is April 12th we exclusively serve the working class community and every family receives financial aid to satisfy the tuition requirement. All of the students enrolled receive tuition assistance; one hundred percent of the students gain valuable work experience in our Corporate Work Study Program. The Cooperate Work Study Model covers a portion of the cost, the parents are responsible for a portion of the tuition fees annually, and the assistance they require is then covered in Scholarship. There is no early action or early decision program in our admission process. We do maintain an admissions waitlist when necessary. Students who apply for fall admission must successfully complete the CWSP Readiness Program during the summer to enroll in the fall semester. This experience has revealed that students starting in the fall transition easily into the Verbum Dei community and continue to perform well academically.


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