Proud Partnership, Ignatian Service Corps

“What are your plans after graduation?” is a question all too familiar for college seniors. While some students opt to begin their career or attend a graduate program immediately after graduation, there are those who chose to participate in a post-graduation year of service and volunteer with a non-profit organization.

One of the many post-graduate programs available is Ignatian Service Corps (ISC) through Loyola Marymount University. The program seeks volunteers who through their work in marginalized communities want to create a more just society. By responding to the call of social justice, volunteers are placed in non-profits for a year of service. Community organizations like St. Margaret’s Center, Venice Family Clinic, and among others, Verbum Dei High School have partnered with ISC to foster a professional environment that nurtures growth. As a charter partner of Ignatian Service Corps, the Corporate Work Study Program is delighted to have a volunteer assist the department.

Last year, Caisen’s enthusiasm and adaptability were a breath of fresh air. Verb students gravitated towards his candid personality, contagious energy, and willingness to help. Caisen is not only a caring individual, his commitment to learn with and from the Verb students, made him admirable. We found a life-long friend in him. He is now studying at Oxford and continues to stay connected with many of us at Verb.

This year, Christiann is our volunteer. Her value and appreciation for our young men is complemented by her thirst to pursue a career in public service. Christiann takes a genuine interest in the students’ well-being, and is committed to her quest to enrich their experiences. Next school year, Christiann will attend law school. She recently got into her first choice, Georgetown Law, but has many others to choose from. We’re excited for the opportunities ahead of her and look forward to continue nurturing her thirst for social justice.

Both Caisen and Christiann had options after college graduation. They chose to work with Verbum Dei’s Corporate Work Study Program through LMU’s Ignatian Service Corps. We’re proud to a play a role in the journey of college graduates yearning to make this world a more humane and just one.

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