Happy Halloween from…The Verb, no Trick, all Treat!

There is no trick to identifying prospective students that are Verbum Dei eligible and Verbum Dei equipped! The treat is in our discovery when we find the students and their families that are willing to commit one hundred percent of their effort to the transition and transformation that takes place as our students become Verbum Dei Gentlemen. During this journey into the Harvest Season Verbum Dei High School has certainly planted the seed to reap the harvest. The Admissions Department is currently involved in the most important period of the year, the months October/November mark the time to identify prospective students. We call this, our priority round and this year we have identified an additional partner for the arduous task of recruiting the best candidates and their families.

Eliselda Gonzalez serves the Verbum Dei Community as our newly appointed Admissions Associate joining Admissions Coordinator, Monica Gonzales (no relation) in the remodeled Admissions Suite located in the administrative corridor, room 405. Ms. Ely is a welcome addition, particularly during this time as it is also the most hectic period of the school year for our department. This year, however we have prepared strategically detailed plans, divided our target communities and made a few more power moves to expand our coverage areas. We have included the additional eastern communities Downey and South Gate. We also have included the southern communities Rancho Dominguez and Paramount as part of our recruitment territory. With these strategies in place our expectation is for Verb’s enrollment to continue to increase as it has every year for the past six years. Within this growth of our territory our goals do not change we will continue to prepare our students to step into their college bound destiny identifying themselves as achievers.


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