Theology Department Update

Happy Fall to all of our Verbum Dei family. This school year has already been filled with much excitement with the addition of brand new theology department faculty. Carlos Rodriguez, Karen Luna, Martin Ngo S.J., and Sam McGrath have joined our small, but mighty, Theology family. Each comes to us having focused in theological studies at their respective universities, each bringing their zeal, love of God, and pedagogical skills to the Verbum Dei campus.

As a Theology department, we’ve begun to team with the Sciences to help students understand the connections between faith and reason. Our job, as we see it, is to help form mindful, faithful, and intelligent young men who are aware of how faith speaks to the issues impacting the lives of people today. Some issues that Pope Francis has brought to the fore, that we’ve begun to explore are: the real concerns of global warming, the sanctity of all life both human and non-human(ecological concerns), and human trafficking. Moreover, since we are aware of the context in which we are situated, we also engage in questions regarding social and economic disparities found in limited income communities and how Jesus places himself alongside those who are outcasts in our society.

Our hope is to help create young men who stand alongside those who our society oppresses and rejects. Our mission is to show our faith by living out what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, the Christ.

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