Fifteen Years Strong!

Verbum Dei’s Corporate Work Study Program is celebrating its Quinceañera this year. In the Mexican culture Quinceañeras traditionally celebrated a 15-year old young girl’s passage from childhood into adulthood while assigning her a new social role in the community. Nowadays, Quinceañeras are celebrated in a spirit of thanksgiving for God’s blessings, the young girl’s life, and her family and friends. In that spirit of gratitude, CWSP celebrates its 15th Anniversary this school year. We celebrate fifteen years of financial sustainability, building confidence in young men, and making an impact in the community.

Thanks to the financial contribution of more than 85 Corporate Partners, we are able to offer a college prep education to our students and are committed to seeing them to and through college. In addition, our partners mentor and guide the students’ skill development over their 4 year work experience. That hands-on approach at a real-work setting alongside experts allows students to grow and nurture self-confidence and maintain professional networks beyond high school. Verb men are competent individuals prepared for success in college and careers. Their success is personal. Their success is their family’s success. Their success is Verb’s success.

The Corporate Work Study Program staff is grateful for 15 years of partnerships and remains committed to the holistic education of the young men of Verb. We are looking forward to celebrating our Quinceañera!

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