Verbum Dei takes charge at the Arrupe Leadership Summit

Four Verbum Dei students joined other high schools students from across the country in Los Gatos, CA for the Arrupe Leadership Summit from February 13-15. Our student leaders attended the summit, which focused on strengthening their capacities to effect positive social change while deepening their understanding of the relationship between faith and justice, as emphasized in the life of Fr. Pedro Arrupe.

Juniors Andy Marquez, Daniel Herrera, Elijah McClucas and senior Edgar Rivera, along with CWSP Program Coordinator Mashanda Finn and Dean of 9th and 10th, Jesse Jovel represented ‘The Verb’. Throughout the three-day program, students explored The Student Leadership Challenge: Five Practices for Exemplary Leaders through the lens of Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J.’s life. Arrupe, a former Superior General of the Society of Jesus, is known for his strong leadership of the Jesuits during a tumultuous period in global history and a time of great transition for the Catholic Church and the Jesuits.  The sessions including topics such as Modeling the Way, Inspiring a Share Vision, Challenging the Process, and Enabling Others to Act.

The leadership summit was filled with transformative moments. Amongst those special memories is the presentation the students made on a potential community garden where they created a 30 second pitch to a group of mock investors. The Verb group famously named their community garden ‘The Garden of Eaten’! It was one of the crowd favorites. The opportunity to connect with other social justice minded students from other Jesuit schools proved to be the best part of our leaders’ weekend. The social justice flame was definitely lit, as could be seen by the groups scheming of bringing a social justice club on campus. It will be exciting to see the results of this transformative weekend!

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