Moving Forward

This new academic year has seen a few transitions and developments indicating the exciting direction taken by Verbum Dei. I have been a part of one of these transitions. As the Writing teacher for freshmen, my new classroom is one of the computer labs on campus. This new environment has afforded the students and me many new opportunities to utilize our school’s technology and develop traditional writing skills. Thanks to the daily presence in the computer lab, the freshmen have gained a quicker and more seamless acclimation of online tools and software used by various teachers and needed for assignments. While not surprising considering they are Verb students, their focus and quality of work reflect the advantages of the computer lab in their every day schedule.

In addition to freshmen Writing, I have the pleasure of teaching the senior elective Ethnic Studies course. This week the students are presenting their masks. This project functions as an investigation to the formation of identity and the fluidity present between external and internal perspectives of the self and the impact one has on the other. The students consistently share their appreciation for the class and perspectives of culture, history, and art forms from those individuals who inhabit the multicultural fabric of our local and global community.





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