Growth Mindset

As the first semester of the school year draws to a close, I am beginning to reflect on the work that has been done in the math department thus far this year.  Our goal as a department is to create a student-centered curriculum that promotes critical thinking skills and helps students get motivated to keep improving themselves to the best of their potential.

The work that all teachers at Verb do to prepare their students for the rigor of college level courses is for naught if students do not believe that they are capable of learning and growth, which is why the math and science departments have chosen to focus on developing a growth mindset and grit in our students.  If our students truly believe that they can learn anything, solve any problem, do anything they set their minds too, then we have no doubt that our students will be successful not only in their coursework, but also in life.

I am happy to report that among ninth grade students at Verb, over 40% rated that they highly agree with the statement “I have a growth mindset”.  This is an improvement from 30% of students who highly agreed with the same statement in September.  My goal, and the department’s goal for June is that 100% of our students will self-identify as having a growth mindset, and will use that mindset to achieve wonderful things.

Student data on if they agree with the statement “I have a growth mindset” on a scale of 1-5.

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