Verbum Dei Goes to Washington

At Verbum Dei, we are proud to offer our students a wide array of opportunities to explore and understand their impact on the greater society, whether it be in the local community or on a broader scale. My co-Dean, Mr. Jesse Jovel, and I are preparing to embark on such an opportunity with four students next week as we will be journeying to Washington D.C. to attend the Ignatian Solidarity Network Family Teach-In. This conference brings students from Jesuit high schools and universities from across the nation together to discuss social justice issues. The last day of the conference is “Advocacy Day” wherein we will meet with congressional representatives to dialogue with them about these issues of concern, and what we would like our policy-makers to consider when deliberating legislation.

Verbum Dei students come away from this experience with a sense of empowerment; not only that they have a voice, but that their voice can be heard, and can affect change.  They also come away with a sense of unity and solidarity with the Ignatian family. They see that they are part of a larger community, and gain an appreciation for all the advantages that the Jesuit community can provide. Lastly, the students come away with a strengthened dedication to living their lives as Ignatius teaches us – Being men for others.

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